Powering Smart Devices from Movement

Turning motion into electricity

eliminating batteries and wiring

providing more uptime, profits and reliability

What is Energy harvesting

Kinetic energy harvesting is a process that converts motion into electrical energy, which can be used to power small and low-energy electronics. Energy harvesters are devices that convert kinetic energy from the environment, such as ocean waves, machinery vibration, human motion, and vehicle movement, into electricity. The harvested energy is then stored for use by small, wireless autonomous devices, like those used in wearable electronics, condition monitoring, and wireless sensor networks.


What are the benefits

Energy harvesters are an innovative way to generate electricity from the environment to reduce the need for batteries or wiring. It is the perfect solution for powering IoT devices. 

 Here are some benefits:

Energy harvesters can be easily installed in just seconds, making them a cost-effective solution for generating electricity. They can be 10 times cheaper than batteries. 

Energy harvesters are highly reliable and can operate in harsh environments and at extreme temperatures with degrading. 

Energy Harvesters are perfect for deployment in dangerous and inaccessible sites where it is difficult to power or replace batteries.

Energy harvesters are safe to use and do not pose any risk of explosion, fire, chemical leakage, or hazardous materials.

Energy harvesters do not require any hard wiring, which reduces the cost of installation and maintenance.

Energy harvesters can have an operational life of more than 10 years, which means they can operate for the life of most equipment without the need for maintenance or replacement.

Unlike batteries, kinetic energy harvesting devices do not require any chemical disposal and are easily recycled, making them an eco-friendly solution for powering devices.

Huge Savings

No maintenance
Lower overall cost

No Batteries

No power outages
No battery waste


Quick installation
No hard wiring

ESG Friendly

Clean energy
Reuse and recycle

Wind Turbine Blade

VolPower™ harvesters capture the rotational motion of wind turbines to power in-blade condition monitoring systems.

Endless power for IoT

IoT power solutions for demanding applications like remote monitoring and .

Reliable, hassle-free

Solving the problem of battery dependency or hard wiring. Providing a simple, robust, sustainable, and cost-effective solution.

Powering the IoT that move


Demonstrated at global events

Connected with world-class organizations