Power Supply for Turbine Blade Sensors


In-Blade Sensors

VolPower™ Kinetic Energy Harvesting Electrical Generators convert wind turbine motion into DC electricity to power sensors inside wind turbine blades, providing a simple, long-life, maintenance-free solution.


VolPower captures the power of a wind turbine blades rotational motion turning it into a regulated DC power source. This provides reliable and independent power for sensors without needing battery changing, charging or downtime.


VolPower solves the problem of battery dependency and gives devices a longer lifespan. The system employs a weighted mass driven electromagnetic generator with an energy optimization regulator. It is a robust, sustainable and cost-effective solution for the most demanding environments.


Designed and tested for reliable 24/7 operations in the most demanding wind farm operations such as offshore and cold weather environments. It is IP54 dust and water resistant. With operating range of -30oC to 80oC

Cost Saving

This innovative solution simplifies the installation process and reduces maintenance costs, downtime, and pollution. The best part! It’s renewable! It’s not only beneficial for the environment but can also help companies save money and increase efficiency while meeting ESG requirements.

Future Proof

Advance firmware can provide data and insights to optimize the entire connected system. The smart harvester can provide real-time data to the connected sensor. This can allow data transmission and edge-based ML to be operational at times when energy production is at its highest.